Wayne Brown



Wayne Brown

Affordable Mobile Windshield Repair is your mobile solution for repairing your windshield chip or crack at an affordable price! Did you know that an annoying little rock chip on your windshield, can easily turn into a long crack that may require complete windshield replacement? It’s true! If the chip is not repaired right away, temperature variations, road vibration, and normal driving conditions go to work on it and eventually, it can create a crack that spreads across the full windshield. By taking care of minor windshield abrasions now, you can avoid the higher costs associated with entire windshield replacement.

When Should you have your windshield repaired:

Getting a windshield repaired early can stop the damage from spreading and prevent the need for a windshield replacement. It’s best to repair your cracked windshield as soon as possible so that dirt and water won’t get into the damaged area that will cause discoloration. Repairing the chip or crack now will stop the possibility of it growing larger and save you a costly windshield replacement in the future.

Don’t replace the windshield until you are sure that your windshield can’t be repaired!
According to professional repairers, approximately 75% of damaged windshields can be fixed instead of replaced.

Most cars repaired in 30 minutes or less for chips or cracks.